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Giving you the tools to heal your back, mind and soul.


Hello and welcome to ‘A Way to Live Well”


This is a space for you to restore, connect more deeply with your body and your innate ability to heal.


Thanks for stopping by!

It is a great honour to be part of your wellbeing support team.

My aim is to help you to find new ways of connecting with your body which feel meaningful, joyful and inspiring.


I help people move out of pain...persistent pain can stop you from doing the things you love and from showing up in the world in the way you would truly wish to. Pain is layered and amplified by different things including stress, trauma, illness and other life factors. I share practices with you which can help you to reduce pain and improve your ability to move and live well!



Zoe London

Ana Maria has been my yoga teacher for about 3 years now and has taught me so much in that time. I’ve learned so much about my body, and how to work with it rather than forcing my body to work. We explore the philosophy of yoga, and how it translates into easeful, joyful movement. There’s an element of play and exploration in our practice that makes me giggle; I love discovering and working with my body’s limits, without judgement. Since early 2020 I’ve worked with Ana Maria to rehabilitate after some major surgeries and a stay in hospital. Week by week, we’ve worked to gently rebuild my body, leaning into her extensive knowledge and understanding of the body’s structures and needs. We’ve complemented this with sessions about self-massage to ease residual aches and pains – I have a newfound appreciation of tennis balls… Through working with Ana Maria, I’d say that I’ve really changed how I feel about my body, and found so many new ways to live well. 

Trudy, London

If variety, positivity, confidence-boosting and seeing your fitness and general health
improve, look no further.  And anyone can do it.  I am a pensioner with arthritis and the
only exercise I have done is walking.  And yes, I can do it!  I can feel stronger, walk
taller and look better.
The programme is tailored to my needs. It includes weights, yoga, Pilates, and lots to
support my lower back (I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis) and help my
balance. There is also targeted massage of my tense neck and shoulders.
And it works because Ana is an inspiration, an encourager, who just knows I can
succeed – so I do! And she makes me laugh!’

Shiodhna, Galway

Ana Maria is a caring and compassionate individual with a deep understanding of her subject and this really shines through in her thorough approach. Her gentle nature and attention to detail left me feeling deeply nourished and restored. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and look forward to the next! X