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I created this Podcast as a way to share the inspiring stories of people who have had transformative journeys and who seek to create positive transformation in their communities and in the world. 

You will hear amazing life stories of people over coming adversity growing through challenging moments.

We discuss topics such as mental health, physical health, sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

This is my passion project, I believe in the power of conversation to change lives. You just need the right person to say the right thing at the exact right moment for it to inspire you to make a change.


If you enjoy the show and find it helpful I encourage you to like share and comment. I love hearing from you!


If you would like to support me in continuing to bring you these awesome stories, you can make any small contribution here. 

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Charlie is currently studying to be a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

It is his aim to support people in understanding how to make health work for them on a daily basis. Charlie is the host of a podcast called The Practice of Health, where he empowers you to take ownership of your own health. We chat about - his journey, his passion for Jiu Jitsu, the microbiome and loads more! Charlie is also a yoga studio manager, and a jiu jitsu purple belt.


You can connect with him on instagram @charlietunmore

Mental health is more than the mind.  In the last 20 years we have begun to uncover more about the science behind the mind body connection than ever before. This connection is one that the ancient Yogi’s, Buddhist meditators and animistic cultures have understood intuitively for thousands of years.

Dr Natalie Bodart, a London based clinical psychologist speaks with us about her work helping others uncover they key to supporting their own mental health and helping them face the tough stuff and get the results that they truly want and deserve.     

Dr. Bodart is the clinical director of the Bodart Practice, she works with a team of  psychologists who believe that you shouldn't be held

back from living life on your terms. They recognise that the key to creating fulfilment is connecting with all aspects of life, not only your mental health.

They create a sense of community and belonging through

therapy, workshops and retreats.


Follow her on: 

Instagram: @drnataliebodart


Andrea is a doula, a wife and a mother of three. She holds women’s circles for women of all ages, supporting them to connect on a deeper level with their bodies and their menstrual cycle.


When women begin to tune into their own cycle they begin to have a greater sense of understanding why they might feel a certain way during different times of the month.


She shares with us information about herbs and foods and reusable feminine products that are better for our health the environment and that can save money.


You can follow her on instagram @soulweavingjourney

Vanessa Menendez-Covelo is an acupuncturist and the host of a podcast.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

She spent 15 years working in technology before retraining to become an acupuncturist.

We discuss the necessary decisions which change the direction of our lives. And her personal journey towards wellbeing, and the functions and benefits of acupuncture.

Scott Aaron is a coach, speaker and best selling author of “The Linkedin Book For Network Marketing” He is a former gym owner and wellness professional. He continues to dedicate himself to his own mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing but after filing for bankruptcy 4 years ago he has pivoted his life in new and incredible directions.


We talk developing money mindset and about how generosity and collaboration are the keys to success.


This was such a brilliant conversation I highly recommend you grab a pen and paper so that you can note down some of the unmissable information and book recommendations.

Ellie Frith is the host of the Chewy head podcast where she seeks to dispel myths, stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health. She shares her story of mental break down and her journey back to wellbeing.

Jackie Ngu is a life coach for individuals and business’s, she is a yoga teacher, public speaker and blood donation advocate.


Jackie helps people transform their lives from confusion, to having a plan and taking action. What is most inspiring about Jackie is her boundless energy for helping and supporting others.


As always she shares with us her journey and her natural ability to keep herself on-track and through life’s many challenges.

Corina Boho is a yoga teacher, Nutritionist, vegan chef and PT. Her own healing journey has lead her to explore the many layers and aspects of health that go into creating a fulfilled and high vibrational life.

We chat about her passion for helping people connect the dots and dive into the lifestyle factors that impact good nutrition and health.

She shares with us the amazing benefits and spiritual experience she had when becoming a raw vegan.

Josh is an international Speaker and lead trainer at the SPEAKup challenge. Josh was not always the best communicator he shares his journey and we speak about the empowerment that comes form being able to share your voice and message.

After years of suffering from this painful debilitating disease , Suzanne was finally diagnosed with HS. She saw a desperate need for more awareness surrounding the disease and more help for sufferers of the disease.  

We speak in depth about exactly what this condition is and Suzanne's own personal struggle and management of the disease. Her own challenge lead her to take action in creating a product that could help herself and others. Her passion and devotion to her work is heartening.

To find out more and for some incredible resources surrounding HS. 

Awareness is key please share with anyone who may benefit from this episode.

Adam Wile is a physical movement coach, contemporary dancer and former pre-school teacher.

Adam pulls form his background in dance and experience in various movement modalities to create a unique form of movement practice that engages mind and body for overall health and wellbeing.

Adam suffered from back pain during his time as a dancer and moved away from dancing for a while. In order to find new ways to work and move. And find ways to manage his own pain and help others manage theirs.

Check out his instagram @physicalmovementcoaching

Catherine Wensley is a NLP Coach. TLT Practitioner. Hypnotherapist , life Coach and inspirational speaker.

Her mission is to help people remove limiting  self-beliefs, overcome adversity and live up to their full potential.

She has a special interest in helping vulnerable youths receive the support and guidance they need most.

Dr Jason Cressey is a psychologist, workshop leader and world explorer. We speak about his incredible journey and some valuable tools for managing stress and anxiety of our times.

Jason has dedicated his life to understanding human behaviour. He shares his knowledge through workshops, helping people to challenge their old restrictive behaviours and beliefs.

He also teaches courses on topics like emotional intelligence. And he is passionate about whales and dolphins and the effects these majestic creatures have on humans.

Banasa Williams is the co-founder of one of the best sustainable bathroom brands Ksoni on the market. She is also Yoga, teacher and marketer.


We chat about her journey from starting her professional career in computer science, to taking a yoga teacher training in the Bahamas on the suggestion of a friend.

In an unexpected turn of events she returned to Canada to teach Yoga. She did this for a number of years and has also worked as a marketing manager for some large technology and wellbeing companies.


On one fateful sunny day in 2018 Banasa and Joti Sohi met and they began to formulate the spark that would turn into the company that is working to change the beauty industry through products that are all natural  and use all plastic-free packaging.


She also shares with us how she is navigating this new landscape of business while keeping a balance of staying well mentally and physically.

Catherine is a yoga teacher, movement expert, retreat leader, teacher trainer mentor and a mother of 3. We discuss the things that make a good teacher and mentor and the importance of being an eternal student.

Bash Is a Mother, Grandmother, Friend to many and a sought after life coach. She has a dynamic, creative approach to life coaching. We talk self doubt, personal freedom and her path to living well.

Garry Crouch has made a radical change to his health and to his life and he helps others do the same through his radically good juices. He is the founder of Alkalizeme a company dedicated to supporting health and healing through juice, sound baths and community spirit.

He shares his journey from being overweight, sick and stressed out to health, happiness and creating Alkalizeme.

Chloe McDonald, MSK Specialist Physiotherpist, Pilates, Yoga Teacher and founder of Revive Studio is on the show this week. We speak about about diving heart first into your dreams and her mission to create a space for serenity in South West London.

Chloe has created a beautiful community, not only amongst the people who visit the studio but also with the teachers who teach there. She shares with us where that spirit comes from, her dreams for the future and her journey to get here.

Lucas Rockwood is a renowned yoga teacher, TEDx Speaker, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur. His  balance lifestyle to being a leader in his field of health and wellbeing.

Lucas opens up about the draw backs of being extremely driven and having an incredible work ethic, opening a yoga studio at age 27, how much he has learned from always putting himself out there and his constant goal to be a more effective teacher, father and human.

Find out more about Lucas and all his offerings

Carly is a coach who works with women who are on the edge of change or who have already experienced some kind of transformation and are on the path to pushing past the greatest challenges they encounter within themselves. She helps them to build confidence to hush the inner critic, set healthy boundaries and become the best version of themselves. We chat about how heartbreak and difficulty is a catalyst towards transformation and her journey to discovering her life's work.

Noshua Watson is the founder of Avant Habit and Ethically woven. Leading the way in the vision of a sustainable future for business. Ethically woven is a partner of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

Noshua has lectured in economic development and was an International development consultant.

Her vision for the future is one that is based on the spirit of community, sharing and dignity for every human involved at every level.

We chat about what drives her, how she channels her generative power and about the work she did for the UN.

Follow her work @

Rebekah is an educator, author, "social disruptor" and plant medicine Shaman . We discuss her extraordinary journey and how her work helps to reduce the effects of fear, stress and anxiety. Rebekah is the chair and founder of the British Hemp Alliance helping support local hemp farmers and domestic CBD production.

Knowing what is the next right step, overcoming fear and what it truly means to let go and trust. These are just some of the topics we spoke about on this weeks show with entrepreneur, swim coach and community leader Sarah Lynch.


Find her on:

Darragh Bailey has a unique approach to personal training. Meeting people where they are at on their journey and using his personal experience as "not a gym person" to help people improve their lifestyle. He shares his own journey of transformation.

Pat Divilly is an inspirational author, speaker and high-performance coach. He shares his passion for supporting individuals through the power of continuous self-growth and mindset training with a global community.

Emily is an artist/activist and environmental educator. Her passion for the environment is clear in the ways in which she fiercely defends and calls attention to environmental issues. She runs workshops inspiring young people to connect with their potential to envision progress through creativity.

I speak with the hardworking, nurturing and insightful Jasmin Stallard on this episode. She and her husband Phillip have created an innovative type of therapy session.
She shares their journey to create a programme that pulls together in perfect symmetry their complementary skill sets which they have built up over years of hard work and dedication to create New Wave Adventure Therapy.
Their programmes are uniquely designed to support the needs of the individual to facilitate them in creating lasting change and development through therapeutic adventures in nature.


Find out more on their website

Nick Higgins is a teacher of teachers, co-founder of Hotpod yoga (one of the fastest-growing yoga businesses in the world) and all-round cool human being. He shares his journey with us along with his insights into overcoming obstacles, finding balance and the importance of finding your voice and of being yourself.

Get into it-try out your first class for FREE with special code HOTLIVEWELL.

Ethical, people-centred, planet-friendly business is the way all companies need to be heading. On this episode, Al Shariat director of the Coconut Merchant shares with us all the ways in which his company is leading the way by opening up the conversation of accountability and creating a community of more conscientious consumers. You can join the conversation at

Try their wonderful products:


Discount: 20% Off your first order

David is an international yoga teacher and inspirational community leader, he creates space for people to explore, play and share through movement.

On this episode, David speaks with us about his journey and how he finds balance in his own life.


Find him on :

Stress, anxiety and chronic pain present when there is disharmony in the mind, meditation may be the strongest tool we have to manage these issues.
Having experienced the life changing effects of meditation Ryan Nell became a teacher and the creator of Levitate London in order to share his passion and joy for the practice with the greater community.

Find him on:

Is it possible to design a life that works around your desires, needs and lifestyle preferences? Matthew Knight is a strategy and innovation consultant who works with individuals and organisations who want to design a better future of their work. Leapers is a place for sharing, connecting and building a work-life balance with wellbeing at its heart.

Find him on:

Madeline McCallum creates a space through her podcast for dialogue across generations and belief systems, giving a voice to the "it" generation, dissecting insecurities and amplifying their tremendous strength. She opens up about her personal journey the barriers she has overcome and how she inspires others through the work that she does.


Listen to Millennial Moments on Soundcloud.

Ester and Natcha are Engineers and Astrology experts. They use their knowledge of Astrology to help others become aware of the roots of their behaviours, to uncover their soul purpose and to move towards balance of mind body and spirit.

Find them at: @theblueflamespirits

Adam Wilder has dedicated his life to helping people develop intimacy and human connection.

He created Shhhh dating unconventional dating company that uses non-verbal connection games. He is the creator of a project dedicated to creating talks, workshops, parties and festivals with the aim of bringing people together in a more meaningful way.

Leanne is an entrepreneur, author, mentor philanthropist, CEO of Pineapple community, dancer, youth leader and so much more.

Leanne has overcome many challenging circumstances in her life (most recently her victory over cancer) turning her experiences into opportunities for growth and transformation.

She shares her story in order to help others overcome overwhelming situations with strength and courage.
I know you will be inspired by this amazing woman and her wonderful words.

Lisa is an inspirational yoga teacher and community leader based in Galway.

She shares with us how she has found great solace and healing through yoga and how she cultivates her practice as a tool for personal and communal growth.


Find her @lisa_berry_yoga


Marvin is the creator of Chill Winston UK an organisation that provides resilience workshops in the health and social care sector and education in corporate settings. He is also a yoga and meditation teacher and a senior occupational therapist.


Connect with him on

Jodie Sarfas is a crisis counsellor, mental health first aider and Founder of Liszen.

In May 2018 Jodie left her full time corporate job to pursue her passion for mental wellness and helping others.

On today’s show we discuss Liszen, the new social enterprise that facilitates mindful listening sessions where trained listeners facilitate a safe space, free from judgement, assumptions and advice.

Sessions start with a guided meditation, bringing the speakers attention to their breath, allowing them to slow down and relax into the safe space where they can truly let go and listen to themselves in a way that is not typically possible in our hectic everyday lives.

Liszen’s goal is to enable you to slow down, self-explore, become more self-aware and ultimately grow. Jodie also shares her own personal journey with mental health and what inspired her to want to help others.

You can follow and contact her on Instagram @liszen_to_yourself

In this episode we catch up with Tanya Fairtlough, yoga teacher and sustainable chef.

She will be sharing her personal wellbeing journey, how she and why she created her CSS 'Cara Bua' as well as some awesome tips on shopping and eating more sustainably and she will be giving us the recipe for one of her favourite meals at the moment.

Follow her on Facebook:


Instagram: @tanya_fairtlough_yoga

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