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Hello and welcome to ‘A Way to Live Well”


This is a space for you to restore, connect more deeply with your body and your innate ability to heal.


Thanks for stopping by!

It is the my great privilege to be part of your wellbeing support team.

My aim is to allow you to find new ways of connecting with your body which feel meaningful, joyful and inspiring.

I am particularly interested in pain you can learn to reduce pain and improve your ability to move well!


I grew up on a small island on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, born to an Irish father and Guatemalan mother.

I studied fine art in University, as you can imagine my path has taken a bit of a turn since then. I was burning the candle at both ends of the stick back then and I began to notice my body start to take a toll, particularly my digestive health.

Since then I have dedicated my life to learning, teaching and developing my skills as a practitioner and a teacher.

  I am looking forward to work with you.


440hr Hatha, Synergy, Restorative, Yin, Pre-and Post-Natal Yoga teacher,

(20hr) Trauma Sensitive Yoga training Cert TCTSY

Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Therapeutic body worker with a specialty in Deep tissue and Myofascial work

I also hold qualifications in Sports massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology 

Jing Advanced Clinical Massage (in training)

(CTHA) (ITEC) (City and Guild) (Neal’s Yard)


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Zoe Adams

Ana Maria has been my yoga teacher for about 3 years now and has taught me so much in that time. I’ve learned so much about my body, and how to work with it rather than forcing my body to work. We explore the philosophy of yoga, and how it translates into easeful, joyful movement. There’s an element of play and exploration in our practice that makes me giggle; I love discovering and working with my body’s limits, without judgement. Since early 2020 I’ve worked with Ana Maria to rehabilitate after some major surgeries and a stay in hospital. Week by week, we’ve worked to gently rebuild my body, leaning into her extensive knowledge and understanding of the body’s structures and needs. We’ve complemented this with sessions about self-massage to ease residual aches and pains – I have a newfound appreciation of tennis balls… Through working with Ana Maria, I’d say that I’ve really changed how I feel about my body, and found so many new ways to live well. 

Síodhna Ní Dhúbhda

Ana Maria is a caring and compassionate individual with a deep understanding of her subject and this really shines through in her thorough approach. Her gentle nature and attention to detail left me feeling deeply nourished and restored. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and look forward to the next! X