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Healing Stress with Yoga

Part 1: "Polyvagal theory: Cracking the Code of Stress"

This is the first part of our transformative workshop series, where we delve into the groundbreaking realm of Polyvagal Theory, pioneered by Dr. Steven Porges. When chronic stress frays the edges of our nervous system, it's time to explore the power of understanding our Vagus Nerve. In this session, we'll uncover the secrets of the autonomic nervous system, laying the foundation for stress resilience. With a perfect blend of theory and practice, you'll embark on a journey to restore balance and rediscover your inner sanctuary.


Part 2: "Yoga's Healing Touch: Nurturing Resilience"

Building on the knowledge of Polyvagal Theory from Part 1, this session takes you on a holistic journey, merging ancient wisdom with modern science. Experience the healing potential of yoga as you learn to engage your Vagus Nerve for soothing and recovery. Find your center, your grounding, and your sense of home within yourself once more. Join us to complete your transformation from stress to serenity in this empowering yoga and Polyvagal Theory workshop.

You can join each individually or both in the Bundle.

Yoga Teacher "Finding your Voice" Course

A guided course and 1-to-1 mentoring to help you find your voice and hone your unique style as a yoga teacher.

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Wellness for Business
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Wellness for Business Courses

Custom wellness courses, available onsite and online, to help increase engagement and improvement the wellbeing of your teams.

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