Live -Stream Zoom Classes

I am offering weekly live-stream, donation-based classes on Zoom as a way to support you in your home practice.

I have made these donation based between £5- £15,  I know that every little counts in these uncertain times.


If you need some yoga vibes in your life but you are feeling the pinch join in anyway, when we flow together we grow together!


Your generosity is a gift to help support me for what I hope will also be a helpful support to you during these times.

Simply Click the link below to join the class.  

You can download Zoom desktop client or mobile app.

Launch the Zoom app, click Join a Meeting and enter the link for the class.

Hope to see you online soon! 

Please click the button below to donate £5, £10, £15 or any other amount via Paypal: 


Restorative Yoga

bolsters, blankets, bliss


Early Bird Flow with sprinklings

of philosophy


Flow to Yin

The perfect balance of movement and stillness

Please remember that yoga is a safe practice as long as you are listening carefully to your own body. If you have an injury or prior condition please ensure that it is appropriate for you to practice, and attain your GP's recommendation if necessary.

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To become strong through ease, to build flexibility with awareness, to find balance and energy in the pause between doing and being. To me asana practice becomes the journey to self enquiry, self awareness and strength of focus. The quality of our breath and the level of our presence allows us to tap into the energy and healing potential of Yoga.

It is a serious business the task of working on oneself, but we should mind not to take ourselves too seriously in the process.

Laughter and play are perhaps the most important ingredient in the recipe for a life lived well.

I have trained with world renowned teachers Simon Borg-Olivier,Bianca Machliss, Anna Ashby and Jo phee.


I am so grateful to my most knowledgeable teachers.


Cleachtadh a dhéanann maistreacht.

Practice makes mastery