Free Online Workshop


An evening to replenish your inner resources.


As we move into the later part of the year, depleted, may feel like an appropriate word to use for how you are feeling? Emotionally, physiologically and monetarily this year in particular has been testing, but through it all you are still here, offering your energy, love and compassion outwards to your family, friends and neighbours and to your work.


Now it is time for you...


Join me in this evening of peaceful practice to replenish your inner resources on Sunday 13th of December .

Through poetry, gentle movement and diving into stillness, we will gently give space for the attentiveness and honouring of your own being...Key to replenishing your inner resources.

This is an offering for everyone, no yoga experience necessary. My hope is that it will be a space for us to connect with one another and develop your capacity for love and compassion towards yourself. 

What will we do? 


Gentle movement, meditation and restorative practice with time for conversation and connection at the end if you wish to join.

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