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3 Great reasons for workplace wellbeing

Did you know that on average an employee will spend roughly 84,365 hours working in their lifetime. So it makes sense that an employee might take a special interest in the wellbeing culture of a company they are deciding to work with.

Since Covid 19 wellbeing has been pushed higher on the agenda of many work places. Companies that recognise the importance of creating a positive working environment are simply going to perform better. Employees wellbeing is good for people and good for the organisation.

Employers need to be keenly aware of the need to support not only the physical health and safety of their employees but also their mental health needs. Managers need to be supported with on going guidance to support their teams and be able to have sensitive conversations and direct people to expert help where needed.

In the past employers focus on wellbeing was more concerned with the impact and cost of people being absent due to illness. There has been a shift in the recognition that employees are more engaged and productive when their health and wellbeing is placed at the centre of a companies business model. Evidence has shown a positive link between the introduction of wellness programmes in the workplace and improved engagement and performance levels.

Programmes such as Back Support for Modern Life which lead the way in introducing practices which support the spinal health and reduce back pain for employees- A science informed, mindset and movement course to support employee mental and physical health.

Health and wellbeing doesn't need to be treated as an ‘add-on’ or ‘nice-to-have’ activity– if employers view employee wellbeing as a vital source of value creation, the benefits for organisational health can be incredible.

When you improve the wellbeing of your workforce you can expect...

1. A healthier and more inclusive culture.

2. Better work-life balance for all employees.

3. Better employee morale and engagement in the company.

Does your company do a good job at supporting its employees wellbeing? Drop a comment here.

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