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9 Questions to reflect on the year gone by...

...And illuminate the year ahead.

As we start to think about the year ahead you may find yourself reflecting on the year gone by. Maybe you accomplished all your goals, maybe you didn't, maybe projects needed to be put on hold so that you could devote energy towards people you care for or maybe your back pain got in the way of you getting back to the movement practices you love.

I know from personal experience that it is easy to feel that you are not where you had hoped to be. You might even find your inner critic start to get a bit louder.

Remember you are stronger than you think and you are exactly where you need to be.

Learning to turn our "set-backs" into learning opportunities and remind ourselves of just how far we have come is one of the most valuable practices for this time of year.

  1. What unexpected moments of joy did you experience this past year?

  2. What was an obstacle that you managed to overcome?... include all the small wins.

  3. What new thing did you try that brought you joy. If you haven't done it yet, what might be stopping you?

  4. What did you let go of that gave you more space for you?

  5. Who are the people who make you feel safe, seen and heard?

  6. What has been a grounding force in you life?

  7. Which practices have brought you energy and joy?

  8. Which qualities do you value most in yourself?

  9. What are you most grateful for?

Spend some time reflecting on these questions and notice how you feel in your body as you answer them.

Once you complete your practice take a moment to sit quietly, notice your breath and envision how you would like to feel in the year ahead eg. feeling confident in your movement, moving pain free, having a strong mindset that helps you feel resilient to all of life's challenges!

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