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Post-natal massage

Post-natal massage is a nurturing, nourishing and it supports the healing process of the birth-giver. The time after giving birth is of course about taking care of baby but also a time for healing nurturing and caring for your own body.

Up until recently the conversation in the media around pregnancy was around 'how quickly the person bounces back" or "get's back into shape". This kind of thinking is not particularly helpful to these incredible people who have just done one of the most miraculous things the human body can do. What might be more helpful is... conversations around what is mum doing to help support recovery? Who is there to gather and support mum. It is so important that mum has a circle of trust and love around her at this time. And though thoughts are primarily around taking care of baby, gentle reminders about taking care of self is equally as important.

For anyone who has given birth or works closely with people who do, you will know that having a plan for the birth is wonderful but things do not always go to plan, and that is okay. Each body will respond differently to the experience of giving birth, it is vital to be compassionate and non-judgemental towards yourself during this time.

The first 40 days after the birth are the most vital for mother and baby. Nourish your body with warming drinks and warm meals, keeping the body warm with blankets and hot water bottles to restore warmth and vital energy to the body.

How soon after the birth can I receive post-natal massage? As soon as you feel ready.

How long after the birth can I receive a post-natal massage? If you have had a child, you can at any time book in for a post-natal massage. Even if your child is a fully grown adult. : )

Can I bring my baby? Yes, it can be soothing for mum and baby to be together during treatment. * It can also be wonderful for mum to have some me-time without baby if you feel happy to do so.

5 things Post-natal massage can help with

  • Post natal depression- Your first treatment is 90 minute treatment which includes a space to share your birth story, this positive listening space before treatment gives you an opportunity to be heard and seen and share your experience. Scientific studies have shown that massage can have beneficial effects when treating new mothers suffering with PND. Massage treats by physically stimulating the nerve receptors of the nervous system. This causes a release of serotonin and dopamine into the body which naturally increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing. The benefits physiologically and physically in the mother in turn have a positive effect for the baby and the relationship between mother and baby.

  • Breast feeding aversion- Massage has an evidenced based effect on helping to decrease stress, this can really help the let-down response. If breast feeding is what you have chosen to do for you and your baby.

  • C-Section - Myofascial release for scar tissue (when the scar has healed, usually around 6 weeks) I will also share techniques with you on how to massage your own scar. This gentle technique helps to release any adhesions in the scar tissue and helps to prevent future issues which may be caused by the connective tissue adhering to structures within the abdomen.

  • Post natal carpal tunnel- gentle techniques to release and reduce symptoms and pain. And gentle techniques to treat edema.

  • Fatigue- The massage table can be a space and time for deep rest and restoration. Not only does the massage offer you an obvious time for rest but the effect it has on serotonin means that when you do get a little shut eye it will be good quality sleep.

As a massage therapist I offer a space for people who have given birth to share their birth story. It is your birth right to receive all the nourishment and care from a post-natal massage that your incredible body needs during this time.


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