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What is advanced clinical massage therapy?

The advanced clinical massage method embraces the biopsychosocial model. In this way it takes into account the biological, the psychological and the social factors in order for you to have a successful outcome from your treatment.

The really exciting part here is that it also combines several valuable modalities from the massage tool box, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, sports massage stretching techniques, the application of heat and cold, orthopedic assessment, rehab work and aftercare.

The advanced clinical massage approach is taught by the Jing advanced school of massage training in Brighton, it was founded by Rachael Fairweather and Megan Mari. They offer the UK’s only degree level course in massage therapy. It is an award winning Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical & Sports massage.

I attended my first training with Jing in 2018. Earlier that year I had attended a taster course in Myofascial Release and after that I knew I had encountered a really special and effective way of treating. The teacher who led the one day course had trained with Jing and based on her wealth of knowledge and skills as a therapist I knew I had to delve deeper into the fascinating world of fascia.

In 2020 I decided to take the plunge and joined Jing's advanced clinical massage training diploma, and it was an amazing journey towards deepening and refining my own knowledge and skills.

So, how is it different to other styles of treatment?

From the first consultation my aim is to create a caring and safe environment for you. This is the most in-depth hands on treatment you’ll experience. I provide an outcome-based treatment designed to return your body to a place of ease, through a strong and calming style, thereby reducing pain and promoting soft tissue repair.

What you can expect as part of a complete treatment?

An in depth consultation complete with range of movement testing, postural analysis and orthopaedic testing.

The application of heat or cold

The use of myofascial techniques

Massage, deep tissue, amma techniques and trigger point release

Targeted acupressure points


After care exercises and self care

During our first consultation and assessment we delve into the reasons you are seeking treatment and through postural analysis and ROM testing we can get a better understanding of how to create a plan that will best help to support you. We expect to see result in between 1-6 sessions in 1-6 weeks, and from there we can arrange maintenance sessions as and if needed.

The range of techniques used in this treatment draw from both Eastern and Western practices to attend to the muscles, the tissue, joints, the nervous system and the meridian channels.

A vital part of this treatment is the self care and home practices that you will receive after your treatment. These ensure that you are get the best outcome through either strengthening or stretching movements which support the treatments and help to put the healing power back in your hands.

Advanced clinical massage is a truly holistic approach to body work.

You can book a FREE online Zoom consultation today.



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