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10 handy safety tips to keep in mind while on your mat.

While Yoga can offer our bodies many benefits, like any sport or heavy physical activity it can lead to injury if not practiced correctly. So here are some things to keep in mind during your practice.

1.Listen to your own body. Never push yourself into pain to achieve a posture, this is not  good practice .

2.”Slower,stronger,safer, better”.Take your time, the slower you go the stronger you get and the safer you are.

3.There are no medals for achievement. So don´t feel the need to compete with yourself or any one around you. The best award you can recieve is recognising your limit and finding satisfaction within it.

4.If you have any injuries, high blood pressure or are pregnant, please, discuss this with your instructor.

5.Get the blood flowing. As with any exercise it is good to get warmed up, this will not only help you get a deeper stretch it will also help prevent unnecessary injury.

6.Chill out.  Relaxing into a pose is much more effective then pushing yourself into it.

7.Take it easy. If you feel like you are chasing your breath or that your muscles are fatiguing take a moment to re-group and take a breather in child´s pose or your prefered resting posture.

8.Drink water. Our bodies use 32 ounces of water for every 60 minutes of exercise. After a session it´s a good idea to re hydrate yourself.

9.You wouldn´t swim on a full stomach! Leave an hour between snacking and practicing and 2-3 hours after a heavy meal.

10.Have a laugh. Yoga is meant to be fun as well as challenging. So having a laugh and enjoying yourself during a session is relieving and a brilliant benefit.

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