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5 way’s to get ready for spring

Spring is apparently one day away, though it’s hard to imagine given the snow fall yesterday. Here a few tips you can use to get yourself spring ready!

Get serious about De-cluttering:

Most people seem to be pretty good at collecting things. There are certain corners of the house that tend to collect ‘STUFF’.  Take a look at whether you need that stuff to be there or if there is a more appropriate place for it.

This is your opportunity  to go through your closet and drawers and lighten your wardrobe you have to approach this with an eye of non attachment. Donate those items which you never wear or that no longer fit. Don’t get sentimental just do it. You will feel literally lighter.

Be rid of old Spices and Essential oils:

These go bad, if you have had essential oils sitting on your shelf for more than a year, smell them, if they smell stale, let them go. Same goes for your forgotten spices at the back of the cupboard. Keep it fresh. Try to only purchase  what you need. And use what you’ve got.

Do some Meditation:

Sometimes the brain could do with some de-cluttering. Take a moment to hone in on the thoughts that have been coming up time and time again. If it’s important get it out of your head and onto a to-do list. (I keep a notebook and strike things off as they get done) If it’s not important ask your self why you keep letting it take up brain space and then let that sh**t go.

Burn some Palo santo:

It’s a little piece of wood that you burn like incense (you can get it on amazon) this stuff smell’s great and apparently it clears the space you live in making room for new energy.  I like a bit of ceremony in my life. And I often light some up before a yoga class. If you’re not into it pull out the Hoover and get rid of some of that dust and cobweb’s. In fact you should probably just do that any way.

Get a plant:

Bring some life into your home, I’m not a big fan of flower arrangements as they seem to die really quick, but if you like them and they make you happy, do it! I prefer a potted plant or my absolute favourite is a little cactus plant, and there are so many varieties.

That’s all I’ve got, I hope this has been helpful.

And remember we are trying to create more ease in our lives. A clean, clear home is a good place to start.

I love to hear your comments and feedback so let me know how it goes!

Feel at ease.



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