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5 week ‘Back to Balance’ programme


Most of my clients and students live very full lives. They work a lot. They have family and social time. They exercise and they probably squeeze a few extra work or extracurricular activities into each week, which in theory is all wonderful but it leaves them feeling stressed at times, tired, experiencing tight, tense muscles (often more than they give themselves time to think about) and generally feeling worn out and therefore not able to entirely enjoy their lives to the full.

So I put together a programme to help to bring you back to balance in a truly holistic way.

I provide deep tissue massage, a firm pressured slow treatment to ease and relieve the tension that has been building up in the muscles over a long time. In my experience these treatments are most effective when received on a weekly basis for a length of time. This programme includes 5 weekly massage sessions.

To accentuate the benefits of the deep tissue massage treatment, I provide a personalised, restorative sequence of yoga postures. This will help you to commit to a habit of creating a  ‘you time’ ritual, time and space for you to restore and recharge!

In addition, I assess your diet and help you make adjustments to optimise your nutrient intake, and give you menu suggestions and recipes to adopt an all round lifestyle transformation.

What is included in the programme?

5 deep tissue massage treatments to ease and release tense, strained and over-worked muscles (1/week)

Personalised yoga stretch and restore programme to use daily

Nutritional advice and meal planning for the duration of the programme

‘Keep me on track’ weekly email feedback and guidance to make sure you fulfill your goals.

Feel at ease . Ana Maria Conneelycontact

Facebook @awaytolivewell


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