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7 ways to cultivate inner strength

Know Thyself

This is an ancient Greek Maxim inscribed in the temple of Apollo. I know this sounds basic but in my experience this process takes time and also you will need to be doing continual development in the area of learning about yourself. But once you get a handle on the basic fundamentals of you, it should become more clear and life might actually become easier.

So here are the basic check boxes for knowing yourself!

*Know your limits

*Know your boundaries

*Know your motivations

*Know what you want/your desires

Spend time in Silence

I can't emphasis enough how important this is. The only time you can truly hear yourself is when you extract yourself from the constant noise of external stimulus. You don't need to go into the deepest jungle to find this silence. Just set some time aside to sit by yourself in a park or a room with no gadgets. I like the quiet early mornings before anyone else is awake, some people prefer later in the night when everyone has gone to sleep. Whatever time you choose it really doesn't matter you are simply taking time be with your thoughts.

Set a Routine

Discipline is one of the best ways to see and feel your ability to be strong and capable. You might choose to do a 5 minute daily meditation, or a morning walk or a movement practice such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Choose something that resonates with you, that makes you feel better for having done it, and then be consistent, make it part of your routine. Your ability to stick with this good habit will give you the confidence to be more consistent in other areas of your life as well.

Nurture the Relationships which Support You

Who are those people who support you, who are there for you in the good times and the tough times. These people are your tribe! Studies show that people who are part of a healthy community have better overall markers of good health.

I know it's tough to feel connected to your community these day's, but it might just require a shift in perspective to re-invigorate those connections in new ways. I have found long conversations with old friends over video call to be incredibly uplifting, and there are so many clever ideas happening online with group activities you can organise for you and your family.

The yoga community has really shifted and classes and workshops online can feel really supportive. And I know it's not the same, it's different...but different doesn't have to be bad.

Connect with your Body

Be proactive with your health, this means really noticing what is going on with your mood, your energy levels, sleeping patterns and nutritional intake. I keep a journal for monitoring my cycle, and because I pay close attention to this, I notice when something unusual is happening. There are loads of great apps if you feel like keeping a pen and paper journal is a bit low tech for you. : )

A preventive response is better than a reactionary one. You can get loads of great health screening checks at places like The London House of Wellbeing, check out the Podcast Interview I had with the founder Lara Laundon. (Coming soon)

Create a Nourishing Home Environment

If you have not yet discovered the Godess of home that is an oasis of calm and organisation, than I highly recommend you check her out...Marie Kondo has literally made being neat trendy. And in my personal opinion this is brilliant. Even if you can not do this with your entire home, choose one room maybe even start with a corner that you can create some zen vibes in. De-clutter and only hold on to those things which bring you joy, (oh!, and those things which are practical and useful as well.)

Connect with Source

This one might sound a bit hard to grasp, because let's face it somethings are easier to feel than to explain in words.

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" -Aristotle.

Being alone in nature is where I feel a sense of being connected to something greater. And that sense gives me enormous solace. It is hard to explain but I'm sure you have felt it at some point. And where ever you find that connection is perfect.

Let me know your thoughts, your questions or tell me about the places where you feel most connected.

Be well.


Ana Maria


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