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Seed for thought

Ladies… Have you heard of seed cycling?

This idea got me really interested so I have been doing some research on it and finding out from some experts on the topic.

Though there appears to be no studies showing the effects or benefits of this protocol exactly, there is certainly a lot of evidence showing the powerful benefits of these seeds in supporting womens hormonal ecology.

I for one am all for using food to support my body and it’s processes.

Hormone imbalances can cause excruciating cramps, breast soreness, and irregular periods or amenorrhea.

I don’t know about you but I have experienced all of these symptoms at some point or another.

How to do it?

The seeds you will need are; (choose seeds that are raw and organic)

Linseed/flax seed

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Sesame seeds

For the purposes of using the seed cycling protocol we will look at the female cycle based on two main phases, the follicular phase (days 1-13) and the luteal phase (day 14-28). If you want to see the phases broken down more in depth this link explains it well.

The first phase of your cycle is known as the follicular phase, the day you begin to bleed(menstrual phase 1- 5 days).

The second part the luteal phase which is when ovulation occurs is around day 14 or 15 and continues until menses (varies for each woman) Some women experience much longer or shorter cycles but the “norm” is around 28 days.

The seeds are rotated based on the follicular and luteal phases.

Follicular Phase: Day 1 – 14, or until ovulation:

1 tablespoon (recommended to ground when needed as they can become rancid and oxidised quite quickly) raw linseed seeds and pumpkin seeds daily.

Luteal Phase: From Day 15 – 28, or until menses:

1 tablespoon  (recommended to ground these fresh) raw sunflower and sesame seeds daily.

It is suggested that it may take 3-4 months before you start seeing any changes.

Moon phases for irregular cycles

I was particularly intersted in this since I have had an irregular cycle for the past couple of years.  If you have an absent or irregular cycle you might try this method. Of coarse please check with your doctor that there isn’t another underlying cause for an irregular cycle.

It is suggested to begin with flax and pumpkin seed on the first day of the new moon continue for the first 14 days and then change to sunflower and sesame for the final 14 days and then begin again with the next new moon. Check your calendar to find out which date the new moon starts.

Suggestions for adding your seeds to meals:

Add them to your porridge or yoghurt

Add them to smoothies

Sprinkle them over salads

Add them to raw energy bars instead of the chia you can add any of the seeds mentioned above.

More tips for a happy you and happy hormones:

*Always check with a doctor that there isn’t a more serious underlying cause to your symptoms.

*Move your body (yoga, walk, gym, swim, run, cycle) everyday.

*Maintain a balanced weight and diet rich in whole foods eliminating processed foods completely.

*Reduce your exposure to your electronic devices after dusk, poor sleep can disrupt your hormones over time.

*If you are not already you should become aware of your own hormonal changes, and take the time to respect and honor them.

*Manage your stress-stress in inevitable how we deal with it is the important part. Meditation and exercise works a treat.

I am testing this out for myself at the moment, I am looking forward to sharing with you how I get on. follow me on Instagram for updates!

If you decide to try it out, I would love to here your results.

If you are interested in reading more about seeds and their properties check out The ecology of estrogen in the female body by herbalist Juliet Blankespoor

As always

Feel at ease

Ana Maria : )

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