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Be an everyday seeker of adventure.

I am certain I am not alone when I say that FOMO (Fear of missing out) is real…

This is something I suffered terribly from in my early 20’s. I used to imagine that life was happening somewhere else and that I was being left behind in some way.

I also regularly feel a sense of stagnation in my life… this leads to lethargy and melancholy (counterproductive to moving out of stagnation). This can stem from feeling of overwhelmed or stress or loosing a sense of direction.

And if you spend time on social media you might get the impression that life really is happening somewhere else for everyone else.

When I was in University my best friend and I would go for adventures, we wouldn’t go far perhaps into Dublin city where we lived at the time stopping at a cafe and chatting all the way. We would explore our experience through conversations about life, relationships and art.

This idea of adventure always being on your doorstep and not outside of yourself always stayed with me.

So how can you re-capture a sense of adventure in the everyday? How can we kickstart our inspiration when we begin to feel stuck in our lives?

Here are 10 things to rekindle a sense of wonder…

1. Be an everyday seeker of knowledge. It is a myth that old dogs can not learn new tricks. We never stop learning this is a scientific fact, the brain is as capable of learning new things in your 50’s as it is in your 20’s.

I have always admired my mother as I have seen her change and continue to grow and learn as the years go by. Learning keeps us youthful, continue to be curious and the world will never seice to hold magic for you.

2. Question all your limiting self-beliefs. Limiting self-beliefs stop you from taking risks and trying new things. Overcoming these mental barriers is an adventure in itself that can transform your life.

For years I didn’t think I was business savvy enough to run my own business, but when I finally took the leap I realised I had been quietly building all the skills I needed I simply needed to get out of my own way.

3. Never stop being a mystery to yourself. There is always new ways in which we can learn more about ourselves. We can never fully know ourselves, we are always changing and evolving, the mystery never ends.

4. Do something out of the ordinary. We can get stuck in our same routine. We can even get stuck in our same movement patterns. Try out a new type of class or try a new recipe or type of cuisine.

5. Take a different route to work. This might seem a bit silly but it will cause you to pay attention again.

I could probably get to my classes with my eyes closed but when I try out a new route I often encounter a new cafe or a shop or a cute road I had never seen before.

6. Work from home or take your work to a cafe. If you have the opportunity to work from home or take your work to the park or a cafe. A new view can be a great way to freshen up your work and to breathe new energy into it.

7. Remember a forgotten skill. Maybe you always enjoyed drawing or writing or playing a sport or an instrument when you were growing up. What was that thing? and can you spend a little time exploring that outlet once again.

8. Shake up your perspective. Change up what you normally read, watch, or listen to. Choose different genres, explore, and experiment you never know what you might find a new interest in.

10. Take yourself on a date. Is there an interesting restaurant or cafe you would like to check out? Why not plan a trip there, bring a book or a journal to do a little self reflection or dive into a story you love.

9. Take a journey inwards. Meditation can be a wonderful way to travel inwards to reach the heart of our experience. You really never know what lies in your depths until you take the time to become still and journey inwards.

I would love to hear the ways in which you find adventure in the everyday. I love to hear from you drop me an email or conect with me on social media.

Feel at ease

Ana Maria xxx


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