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Don’t forget leg day….

Take care of your legs day.

Our legs do a lot. We use them all day and every day. They get tired, overused, sore, and in need of some care.

You may have a very physical job which involves being on your feet most of the time.  Repetitive actions can overwork your muscles.

Contrarily your work might involve a lot of sitting. Long periods of time with your legs in the same position can cause your leg muscles to shorten, so when you do stand and walk your legs feel tight. If you have to commute you are spending even more time with your legs being inactive.

We also put our legs to work for exercise or fun activities you use your legs for yoga, pilates, or fitness classes. You use your legs for lifting weights, boxing, hiking, climbing, kickboxing, and dance.

The hip, knee, and ankle joints are all affected by your legs. Joints are under pressure from muscles and bones pulling and twisting on them. By relieving muscle pain you can decrease the pressure on those joints.

If you happen to wear high heels these can also add to pain in your legs. You are causing your muscles to be used in a different way, they are in a position that is fairly different from their natural state.

You may not have thought about this but even hip and back pain can start in your legs.    If one leg is causing you an issue you may end up changing how you walk, how you stand, and even how you sit to compensate for the pain. That adjustment will affect your other leg. ‘The leg bone attaches to your hip bone…..’, which connects to your back, and so on. As more muscles are out of normal position and as the body continues to adjust in order to compensate pain can arise .

Your legs are so important. Give them some care and attention with a massage so that you can work, play and live well.


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