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Ethical Yoga Gear

I love a good pair of yoga leggings as much as the next yogi. And at this stage in my life I probably spend more time in yoga gear than I do in regular clothes. So it makes sense to have some decent options.

Even if you are just looking for a comfortable, well made pair to wear to your regular yoga class I think you might find some nice options here.

I have tried or tested the following more earth conscious brands and

  1. Gossypium is British company they create gear for men and women that uses 100% natural fibres including a unique blend of organic cotton and beechwood fibre. Their products are made to order so you can select your own measurements. There leggings are so comfy, they don’t lose their shape. There is a reason why these guys are top of my list.

  2.   League Collective this is also a British based company focused on creating multipurpose, sustainable and high-tech sportswear for women. This is a small company all the gear is made with care and love and bad ass design.

  3. Wild Thing Yoga Apparel are an American based eco-conscious brand that produce their garments out of recycled plastic bottles. Really comfortable and fun colours for when you are feeling funky.

Please note these companies are not giving me anything for writing this article. I just really like the quality and the ethos behind why they do what they do.

Tell me your favourite ethical brand, I would love to check them out!

Feel at ease

Ana Maria

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