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Was it written in the stars? (Authentic Astrology)

If you know anything about me, you will know that I am a fairly grounded individual, I like facts and information that can be backed up with evidence, this is just what makes sense to me.

But I also enjoy the fact that even the most brilliant minds on this earth don’t know all the answers to some of life’s most compelling questions, making some things seem just that little bit magical.

Last night I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to experience one such magical moment.

I met Natcha a couple of weeks ago when I was hosting a sustainable yoga brunch with Tanya Fairtlough.

Natcha is an engineer by day and a reiki practitioner and astrologer by night. (pretty cool) I instantly connected with her as she is clearly inteligent, well spoken and a very open friendly young woman. When she told me about her passion for astrology my interest grew as I listened to her speak about in a very practical way and obvious depth of knowledge.

To be fair I know very little about astrology, and honestly I don’t have a very high opinion of it. It’s usually some generic 4 line description in a magazine telling you of the possibility of  finding love, money or failure yada-yada-yada. (Oh and I also know that Mercury goes into retrograde and this is something to be wary of, apparently?) any way like I said, not a very high opinion of it.

However Natcha struck me as a sensible individual and her offer to do a reading for me grabbed my interest.

What can I say I am open to adventure… at best I might learn a little something at worst I would get to have another nice chat with Natcha.

I met with Natcha and Ester (Ester and Natcha are the duo behind The Blue Flame ) we sat together outside a restaurant in busy central London. They had prepaired a chart for me, a beautiful geometric pattern with all kinds of measurements and symbols on it. I simply provided Natcha with my date of birth, place of birth and time of birth which enabled them to generate my unique chart. It looked pretty cool to be honest, like some kind of astrological map. Our chat had a very casual outward appearance but once this pair got into it I was slightly blown away. These amazing ladies have a serious breath of knowledge they speak in a way that is both captivating and rooted in knowledge. Not just book knowledge but a real insight into people and behaviour.

This was not a fortune-telling kind of situation it was very much an insight into my character, what I project into the world, my values, ways of being and seeing the world. Keep in mind these ladies know nothing about me other than one brief meeting with Natcha there was no way they would have known this stuff. They were telling me things about my inner workings which I have only recently started to understand about myself, just from reading this chart. I found the experience quite therapeutic, slightly amazing and yet not surprising. How interesting that somehow the sum of our being could be written in the stars.

I was inspired and energised by the entire experience.

If you would like to find out more about this kind of authentic astrology or maybe you are interested in meeting these two inspiring ladies for yourself to hear your unique reading why not connect with them through facebook or instagram.

There mission is to help individuals gain a greater depth of knowledge about themselves to work towards a fuller and more realised life.

The more we are able to connect and grow as individuals the better we are and the better the world around us can be.

Feel at ease.

Ana Maria



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