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“You are what you think”

I am sure you have heard the old expression “you are what you eat” but did you know that you are what you think!

The mind produces thoughts as naturally as the mouth produces saliva. You can’t stop thinking but you can direct the focus of your thoughts.

I want you to think about the 5 most prevailing thoughts that run through your head on a daily basis. Now write them down.

What is the overall tone?

How do the words you wrote make you feel?

Are your thoughts keeping you stuck?

What is the story you are telling yourself day in and day out?

These thoughts wether positive or negative will start to seep into the deeper layers of your consciousness. It becomes an issue when you realise that you are not happy with something in your life, You try to change it but you continue to arrive back to those self limiting beliefs.

Try these 7 steps to move towards creating prevailing thoughtS that are in line with how you would like to live.

  1. Become aware of the internal dialogue

  2. Decide what you would like the story to be and commit to it.

  3. Realise that your thoughts are not you, you will still be you even if the story changes.

  4.  Begin a meditation practice to improve your ability to focus your mind and plant the seeds of your new story into the earth of your psyche.

  5. It won’t be easy, for most of us we have lived so long with the same story that we are not even aware of it. It is embedded so deep inside of us that we don’t even see it anymore.

  6. Thoughts to flag as being limiting beleifs : *believing you are not good enough, *that you don’t deserve it, *that others are so much better, *that you need to be thinner, *stronger, more confident etc.

  7. Be dilligent with your practice of  rejecting these old negative thought patterns. When you create space for the things you really want you will be pleasantly surprised by how easily they start to flow to you.

Change your story, change your life!

Feel at ease

Ana Maria : )

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