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5 tips: Grow small habits for big change

When we set ourselves goals we often become so consumed with the outcome that our very happiness becomes hinged upon it. This can lead to distress and feelings of failure if we do not succeed in attaining the goal.

Rather than setting yourself on course of perpetual goal setting and disappointment…

Adopt a new attitude of creating small positive habits which are achievable and which will set you on a path towards greater positive transformation in the future.

Here are my 5 tips to support you on your journey;

Non-attachment: The yogic texts have a lot to teach us about life on and off the mat. Aparigraha is one of these important lessons.

Aparigraha is one of Patanjali’s eight Limbs of Yoga, in essence it means non-attachment. “that one should take only what one needs or serves and let go of the unnecessary.”

When we focus too much on the outcome of our action and what we stand to gain, we can easily loose sight of the simple pleasure of just doing and being.

The why ?: This is probably the hardest part. In order to achieve anything you first have to get really honest about the reasons behind your intention.

If your goal for example is to have a body like (….enter famous person with hot body here) and the reason behind this are superficial you are probably not going to stick with it. You may end up getting frustrated with yourself and tell yourself destrutive things which send you back tracking!

But, if your goal is something honest and heartfelt, like wanting to be fit enough to run around with your children or grandchildren and not be out of breath after 5 minutes. Or maybe you want to sort out your skin issues or digestive problems through eating the right things so that you can feel happier on a daily basis. Then you are truly ready to begin your journey!

Celebrate : each time you succeed in accomplishing your new habit give yourself a small pat on the back.

But not with a piece of cake if you went to the gym (unless it’s a super nourishing protein rich treat)! Rather with something that inspires you to do more of the same e.g. treating yourself to a massage to ease those hard working muscles, or signing up for your favourite teachers class or workshop.

Triggers : Link your new habit to somethng you are already doing daily… for example;

Go for a short walk after… lunch or dinner.

Floss your teeth after… brushing them.

Make your bed after…you get out of it.

Remember something you are grateful for after… your head hits the pillow at night.

And finally…

Generosity: Be generous with yourself. Showing yourself kindness and appreciation for the small wins begins to cultivate that deep happiness, the kind of happiness that keeps you balanced even when things get turbulent, a sustainable happiness which might just change your world.

Fill in the blanks…

After I……………………………………………. I will…………………………………………………

I would love to hear what your small change will be today?

You can comment below so that we can support one another on the journey!

Don’t forget to give yourself that well deserved praise after each time you achieve that small goal!

Feel at ease

Ana Maria


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